Why I am Running for the NA School Board

NA School Board Election 2019 - My candidacy

I was one of three new Board members elected by the community in 2013 and have served as a Committee Chair, Vice President, and President since that time. During my time on the Board, I am proud to have played an integral role in a number of accomplishments:

  • Leveraging improved financial projections to make responsible decisions about district spending.
  • Keeping NA's tax rate among the 10 lowest in Allegheny County - lower than rates in comparator districts such as Quaker Valley, Hampton, Fox Chapel, Pine Richland, Shaler, Mt. Lebanon, and Upper St. Clair.
  • Re-instating the Citizen’s Advisory Committee, as required by Board policy, after it had been allowed to dissolve under previous district leadership.
  • Working with the Administration to drastically improve our budget forcasting and enrollment projections.
  • Approving the expansion of Franklin Elementary, in order to accomodate enrollment growth in the district.
  • Passing a class size policy to ensure that our elementary kids are not used as budget leverage (as they were in 2012-2013)
  • Enacting a long-overdue technology initiative (FOCUS 2020)
  • Revitalizing the NA Foundation to increase alternative revenues
  • Using surveys to gather community input on issues such as student stress, homework, testing, and school start times - and beginning to use that data to make improvements in the district.
  • Creating the Measuring Success framework to track student and district accomplishments in a holistic matter - rather than just focusing on standardized test scores.

If re-elected, my priories will include continuing to:

  • Push for changes to start times and other means of following scientific advice about how to maximize student sleep, in order to improve our students' mental and physical health
  • Support changes to the curriculum and district culture in support of the Measuring Success framework.
  • Keep a focus on making decisions to promote equity across the district.
  • Balancing investments in district infrastructure with fiscal responsibility

To read some of my previous public statements about key district issues, please visit my Facebook page.