the Mahler Family

I am a 23-year district resident with strong family ties to the district and to public education:

My daughter, Kate, is a 2010 NA and 2013 New York University graduate who was active in NA Student Council, NATV, rec sports, and NAJCL

My son, Andy, is a 2014 NA and 2017 Case Western University graduate who was co-captain of the NA soccer team, a member of NAJCL, and a Boy Scout

My youngest child, Ryan, is in fourth grade at Peebles Elementary

My wife, Viki, is a pediatrician with many patients in the NA school district

I attended public schools and my parents taught in public schools

I have a history of involvement with the community:

Coach for several NA youth recreational sports leagues

Active member of my neighborhood homeowner’s association

Regular attendee at NA School Board meetings before becoming a School Director in 2013

My educational and professional background helps me succeed as a School Director:

Bachelor’s from Duke University and an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh Katz School of Business

Marketing Research Director for Schmidt Consulting Services

A strong background in sales, marketing, strategic planning, and business management