Kevin Mahler For North Allegheny School Board

I am working to keep our schools and property values strong.

Enhance NA's successful educational model

Provide continued support for reasonable class sizes

Support programs that strengthen educational outcomes

Utilize technology for learning in meaningful and effective ways

Exercise sound fiscal management

Make thoughtful decisions about effectively investing in the district - and when *not* to spend.

Explore and support the use of alternate funding sources

Manage risk and plan for future financial obligations

Facilitate data-driven decision making

Leverage improved enrollment and financial projections for better planning

Ensure new ideas are evaluated objectively

Identify and apply Key Performance Indicators(KPIs) to evaluate decisions, including the Measuring Success framework

Promote transparent and collaborative district management

Invite and leverage feedback from members of the community

Adhere to best practices for decision-making and communication

Revitalize a sense of community in NA

Bring the community together by focusing on common goals

Pursue consensus and win-win solutions

Kevin Mahler is…

A 23-year district resident with strong family ties to the district and to public education.

An NA parent with a history of community involvement.

A professional with the business and educational background needed for continued success as a School Director.

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